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E330-900T13S E330 UART Wireless serial port module, low power consumption, small size, single point wake-up, 868/915 MHz

[Communication interface]: UART

[Working frequency]:860.125~932.125MHz

[Transmission power]:13dBm

[Communication distance]: 1.0km

[Antenna interface]:IPEX/stamp hole

[Product weight]:1.9±0.5g

[Product size]:16*26mm

[Introduction]:E330-900T13S is a small size, low power consumption, low-cost ultra-high cost-effective wireless serial port module, integrated transceiver, covering 868, 900MHz frequency band. The wireless module supports transparent transmission, fixed-point transmission mode, supports LDC single-point wake-up, software multi-level airspeed adjustable, and can be applied to a variety of wireless transmission applications. At the same time, the module is simple and easy to use, and you can get started quickly without complicated configuration, so that it can be used out of the box.

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