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E32-DTU(433L37)-V8 High-speed 433M wireless digital radio LoRa spread spectrum technology 425~450.5MHz frequency band

[Operating frequency]:425~450.5MHz

[Transmit power]:5W

[Communication distance]:20km

[Product size]:124*105*25mm

[Interface type]:RS232/RS485

[Net weight of product]:259±5g

[Introduction]:E32-DTU (433L37)-V8 is a high-speed 433M wireless digital radio (with RS232/RS485 interface), LoRa spread spectrum technology, transparent transmission, working in 425~450.5MHz frequency band (default 433MHz), working voltage Range 8V~28V.

Industrial wireless digital radio long-distance anti-jamming
Using LoRa spread spectrum technology
Point-to-point wireless upgrade
Powerful hardware protection, low temperature, Software watchdog
Hardware display
Application scenarios are easy to manage Reduce operating costs