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E32-900T20S EBYTE OEM/ODM Factory wholesale high quality Low energy consumption Transparent transmission LoRa module

[Chip solution]:LoRa solution

[Working frequency]:862~930MHz

[Transmit power]:20dBm

[Communication distance]:5.5km

[Product size]:26*16 mm

[Product weight]:2.2±0.1g

[Introduction]:E32-900T20S is a wireless serial port module (TTL level) based on Semtech's LoRa solution, with transparent transmission mode, working in the 862~930MHz frequency band, and using LoRa spread spectrum technology. At present, it has been stably mass-produced and has been widely used in the three-meter industry, Internet of Things transformation, smart home and other fields.

Main parametersParameter valueRemark
reference distance5.5kMSunny and open space, antenna gain 5dBi, antenna height 2.5 meters, air rate 2.4kbps
Subcontracting method58BtyeMaximum capacity of a single package, automatically subcontracted when exceeded
cache capacity512Btye-
Communication InterfaceUART serial portTTL level
Packaging methodpatch-
Interface modestamp holePitch 1.27mm
Antenna interfaceIPEX/stamp holeCharacteristic impedance is about 50Ω
Main parametersMinimum valueTypical valuemaximum valueunitcondition
Operating Voltage2.355.5V>5.5V guaranteed output power
Communication level-3.3-V-
Operating temperature-40-85Industrial grade design
Working frequency862-931MHz-
Emission current-120-mA-
receive current-16-mA-
Sleep current-4-μA-
Maximum transmit power-20-dBm-
Receive sensitivity--123-dBm2.4kbps over the air