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E32-900M30S SX1276 chip 868/915MHz LoRa TM SMD wireless module

[Product weight]:5.4±0.1g






[Introduction]:E32-900M30s is a self-developed, 868/915MHz LoRa TM SMD wireless module with the maximum transmission power of 1W which is based on the SX1276 produced by Semtech in the United States.


E32-900M30S SX1278 chip LoRa spread spectrum moduleE32-900M30S SPI Hardware ModuleE32-900M30S support Lora spread spectrum technologyE32-900M30S support wide frequency band, various application E32-900M30S Low power consumption,2uA in deep sleep modeE32-900M30S Field tested distance 5kmE32-900M30S Industrial grade qualityE32-900M30S Recommended circuit diagramE32-900M30S Scenario applicationE32-900M30SHARDWARE FEATURES