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E32-433T20DT Ebyte CE FCC tcxo high power rf long range 433mhz wireless transmitter rf module





[Introduction]:E32-433T20DT is a wireless transceiver module based on SEMTECH's LoRa solution (can be used as both a transmitter and a receiver). Using LoRa spread spectrum technology, through this technology, the transmission distance and penetration capability of the module are more than doubled compared to traditional FSK.

RF Parameter Value Remark
Working frequency 410~441 MHz Default: 433MHz
Transmitting power 10~20 dBm Default: 20dBm(About 100mW)
Receiving sensitivity -146 dBm Air data rate is 2.4kbps
Air data rate 0.3k~19.2kbps Default: 2.4kbps
Test distance 3000 meter In open and clear air, with maximum power, 5dBi antenna gain, height of 2.5m,air data rate: 2.4kbps
Hardware Parameter Value Remark
Size 21 * 36 mm Without SMA
Antenna type SMA-K 50 ohm impedance
Communication interface UART Baud rate: 1200~115200, default: 9600
Package DIP -
Buffer 512 bytes buffer Automatically sub-packaging with 58 bytes per package
Electronic parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition
Power supply 3.3 5.0 5.2 V ≥5.0 V ensures output power
Communication level - 3.3 - V For 5V TTL, it may be at risk of burning down
Transmitting current 106 - mA Instant power consumption
Receiving current - 15 - mA -
Sleep current - 4 - μA Software is shut down
Operating temperature -40 20 +85 Industrial design
Operating humidity 10 60 90 % -
Storage temperature -40 20 +125 -