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Ebyte 8km 170MHz long range wireless modem module







[Introduction]:E32-170T30D is a 1W wireless transceiver module with LoRa spread-spectrum technology,operates at 160 ~ 173.5MHz,based on original imported SX1278 RFIC from SEMTECH,transparent transmitting is available,TTL level. it is compatible for 3.3V and 5V voltages (4.75V ~ 5.5V is recommended).

RF Parameter Value Remark
Working frequency 160~173.5 MHz Default: 170MHz
Transmitting power 21~30 dBm Default: 30dBm(About 1W)
Receiving sensitivity -147 dBm Air data rate: 0.3kbps
Air data rate 0.3k~9.6kbps Default: 2.4kbps
Test distance 8000 meter In open and clear air, with maximum power, 5dBi antenna gain, height of 2m,air data rate: 2.4kbps
Hardware Parameter Value Remark
Size 24 * 43 mm Without SMA
Antenna type SMA-K
Communication interface UART Baud rate: 1200~115200, default: 9600
Package DIP
Buffer 512 bytes buffer Automatically sub-packaging with 58 bytes per package
Electronic parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition
Power supply 3.3 5.0 5.2 V
Communication level 2.5 3.3 3.6 V
Transmitting current 630 680 750 mA 30dBm(1W)
Receiving current 21 22 23 mA
Sleep current 4 5 6 μA
Operating temperature -40 20 +85
Operating humidity 10 60 90 %
Storage temperature -40 20 +125