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E31-433T30S UART AX5243 chip wireless serial port module

[Chip solution]:AX5243

[Working frequency]:425~450.5MHz

[Transmit power]:30dBm

[Communication distance]:6km

[Interface type]: UART

[Product weight]:5.1±0.1g

[Introduction]:E31-433T30S is a 433M SMD wireless serial port module (UART) with AX5243 radio frequency chip imported from AXSEM from Switzerland. It has half-duplex, integrated transceiver and transparent transmission mode, 425~450.5MHz frequency band (default 433MHz), TTL level output , with air wake-up function (ultra-low power consumption).

RF parametersParameter valueRemark
Working frequency425~450.5 MHzSupport ISM band
Transmit power30 dBmAbout 1W
Receive sensitivity-123 dBmAirspeed 1.2kbps
Air speed1.2k~70kbpsUser Programmed Control
Measured distance6kmClear and open environment, maximum power, antenna gain 5dBi, height 2.5m, airspeed 1.2kbps

Hardware parametersParameter valueRemark
Size25 * 40.5 mm_
Antenna formIPEX / stamp holeEquivalent impedance is about 50 ohms
Communication InterfaceUART serial portBaud rate supports 1200~115200, factory default is 9600
Packaging methodpatch_

Electrical parametersMinimum valueTypical valueMaximum valueUnitCondition
Communication level-3.3-V-
Emission current580600650mAInstantaneous power consumption
receive current-22-mA-
Sleep current-2-μASoftware shutdown
Operating temperature-402085-
Working humidity106090%-
Storage temperature-4020125-