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Ebyte E30 eries module test board SI4438/4463 Development Evaluation Kit USB interface pre welding interface



[Introduction]:E30-400M20S is a hardware module (SPI) based on the SI4463 RF chip imported from Silicon Labs. It is a half-duplex, SMD integrated transceiver with transparent transmission available. With working frequency band 425~525MHz, transmitting power 100mW, it is suitable for a variety of environments.


No. Definition Function Description
13.3V3.3V power pin
23.3V3.3V power pin
3GNDBackplane reference ground
4GNDBackplane reference ground
53.3V3.3V power pin
6GNDBackplane reference ground
7RESTMCU external reset pin
93.3V3.3V power pin
10VCCModule power supply pin, which needs to be shorted with pin 9 to supply power to the module
11PC6MCU common IO
12PC5MCU common IO
13PB3MCU common IO
14PB2MCU common IO
15PB1MCU common IO
16PB0MCU common IO
17M1Module mode switching pin (see module product manual for details)
18M0Module mode switching pin (see module product manual for details)
19PD1MCU common IO
20PD0MCU common IO
21GNDBackplane reference ground
22GNDBackplane reference ground
235V5V power pin
245V5V power pin