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E29-400T22S long range Wireless Serial Port Transmission uart module modules Spread Spectrum 433mhz receiver transmitter

[Transmission power]:22dBm

[Communication distance]: 5km

[Air rate]:2.4k~16.4kbps

[Product size]:26*16mm

[Product weight]:2.4±0.1g

[Introduction]:Based on PANCHIP’s RF chip PAN3031,the E29-T series products are a new generation of wireless serial port module(UART)independently developed by Chengdu Ebyte Electronics Co., Ltd.It’s with a variety of transmission methods,working in the frequency band 410.125~ 493.125MHz (default 433.125MHz),and using industrial-grad high-precision 32MHz crystal oscillator.

E29-400T22S Chirp Spread spectrum moduleS