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E280-2G4T12S EBYTE OEM/ODM Wireless ranging SX1280 12dBm 2.4G 3km Long Range TTL Rf Receiver Wireless UART Lora Module

[Product weight]:2.3±0.1g






[Introduction]:E280-2G4T12S is a wireless serial port module (UART) based on SEMTECH's SX1280 RF chip, transparent transmission mode, working in 2.4GHz frequency band, with LoRa, FLRC and GFSK three modulation and demodulation technologies, TTL level output, compatible with 3.3 IO port voltage of V and 5V.

Main Parameters Description Remark
Reference distance 3000m Clear and open environment,antenna gain 5dBi,antenna height 2.5 meters,air rate 1kbps
Launch length 121 Btye
221 Btye
Normal mode,using 1Mbps airspeed
Continuous transmission mode
Interface method 1.27mm -
Modulation GFSK
Communication Interface UART Serial port TTL Level
Encapsulation method SMD -
Dimensions 17.5*28.7mm -
Antenna interface IPEX/PCB Equivalent impedance is about 50Ω
Main Parameters Min Type Max Unit Remark
Working voltage 2.3 5 5.5 V ≥5.0V can guarantee output power
Communication level - 3.3 - V Using 5V TTL is risky to burn
Working temperature -40 - +85 ndustrial design
Working frequency 2400 - 2500 MHz Support ISM frequency band
Emission current - 46 - mA Instantaneous power consumption
Receiving current - 20 - mA -
Sleep current - 8 - μA Software shutdown
Maximum transmit power 11.5 12 13.5 dBm -
Receiving sensitivity -130 -132 -134 dBm Air rate is 1kbps
Air rate 1k 1k 2M bps User programming control