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E28-2G4M27S 2.4G Lora Transceiver Radio Wireless Module Sx1281 Upgraded Version Lora Transmitter Receiver Modules







[Introduction]:E28-2G4M27S is a 2.4GHz small SMD module (pin spacing 1.27mm)designed by Chengdu Ebyte. With built-in PCB antenna, SPI interface, it owns TX power of 500mW with power consumption.E28-2G4M27S is a hardware platform without firmware, so users need to conduct secondary development.Talk to us online for a technical consultation .

ModuleInterfaceICFrequency(hz)Power(dbm)Distance(km)Air speed(bps)PackageSize(mm)FeatureManualSample
E28-2G4M12SX E28-2G4M12SX SPI SX1281 2.4G 12~14 3 0.595~2M patch 17.8*15 LoRa spread spectrum, FLRC, ranging
E28-2G4M27SX SPI SX1281 2.4G 27 8 0.595k~2M SMD 15 * 20MM Low power mode current consumption
E28-2G4M27S SPI SX1281 2.4G 27 8 0.125M~2M SMD 15 * 26.5 LoRa spread spectrum,FLRC
E28-2G4M20S SPI SX1281 2.4G 20 6 0.125M~2M SMD 15 * 26.5 LoRa spread spectrum,FLRC
E28-2G4M12S SPI SX1281 2.4G 12.5 3 0.125M~2M SMD 14*25 LoRa spread spectrum,FLRC