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E28-2G4M20S Ebyte 20dBm SX1281 Long Range 8km Lora Transceiver Ble







[Introduction]:E28-2G4M20S is a 2.4GHz bluetooth module designed by Chengdu Ebyte.The IC SX1280 features multiple physical layers and various modulating methods such as LoRa, FLRC and GFSK. The special modulating and processing methods enable longer operating range with LoRa and FLRC modulating, and the GFSK method covers BLE protocol.

ModuleInterfaceICFrequency(hz)Power(dbm)Distance(km)Air speed(bps)PackageSize(mm)FeatureManualSample
E28-2G4M12SX E28-2G4M12SX SPI SX1281 2.4G 12~14 3 0.595~2M patch 17.8*15 LoRa spread spectrum, FLRC, ranging
E28-2G4M27SX SPI SX1281 2.4G 27 8 0.595k~2M SMD 15 * 20MM Low power mode current consumption
E28-2G4M27S SPI SX1281 2.4G 27 8 0.125M~2M SMD 15 * 26.5 LoRa spread spectrum,FLRC
E28-2G4M20S SPI SX1281 2.4G 20 6 0.125M~2M SMD 15 * 26.5 LoRa spread spectrum,FLRC
E28-2G4M12S SPI SX1281 2.4G 12.5 3 0.125M~2M SMD 14*25 LoRa spread spectrum,FLRC