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E28-2G4M12S Smart Watch Sx1281 Home 2.4ghz Module Lora Wan Parking Sensor module RoHS







[Introduction]:E28-2G4M12SX is a 2.4GHz radio frequency transceiver module designed and produced by Ebyte Company. It has long communication distance and extremely low current consumption in low power consumption mode. This module is a small size chip type (pin pitch 1.27mm). This series uses 52MHz industrial-grade high-precision low-temperature drift active crystal oscillator to ensure its industrial characteristics and stable performance.

ModuleInterfaceICFrequency(Mhz)Power(dbm)Distance(km)Air speed(Kbps)PackageSize(mm)FeatureManualSample
E28-2G4M12SX SPI SX1281 2.4G 12~14 3 0.595~2 patch 17.8*15 LoRa spread spectrum, FLRC, ranging
E28-2G4M27SX SPI SX1281 2.4G 27 8 0.595~2 SMD 15 * 20 Low power mode current consumption
E28-2G4M27S SPI SX1281 2.4G 27 8 0.125~2 SMD 15 * 26.5 LoRa spread spectrum,FLRC
E28-2G4M20S SPI SX1281 2.4G 20 6 0.125~2 SMD 15 * 26.5 LoRa spread spectrum,FLRC
E28-2G4M12S SPI SX1281 2.4G 12.5 3 0.125~2 SMD 14*25 LoRa spread spectrum,FLRC