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Ebyte 433M SPI SX1212 433MHz 13dBm 800m RF Wireless Transmitter And Receiver







[Introduction]:E23-433M13S is a 20mW wireless transceiver module, it operates at 433MHz with IPX RF interface. Module features ultra-low receiving current (only 3mA) and adopts 12.8MHz crystal oscillator. With stable batch production, the module is suitable for various applications.

Pin No Pin item Pin direction Pin application
1 VDD - Power supply 2.1~3.6VDC
2 PLL_LOCK Output PLL lock
3 IRQ_1 Output Interrupt request 1
4 IRQ_0 Output Interrupt request 0
5 DATA Input/Output NRZ data input/output(continuous mode)
6 CLKOUT Output Programmable clock output
7 GND - Ground
8 GND - Ground
9 TEST8 Input/Output P0R
10 NSS_CFG Input Ground
11 NSS_DATE Input SPI date enablement
12 MISO Output SPI master input slave output
13 MOSI Input SPI master output slave input
14 SCK Input SPI clock
15 GND - Ground
16 GND - Ground
17 ANT - Antenna