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E220P-400T22S LoRa spread spectrum technology wireless transmission monitoring






[Product weight]:2g±0.1g

[Introduction]:E220P-400T22S is a new generation of LoRa wireless module(UART), based on Semtech's original LLCC68 chip design. It has a variety of transmission methods,The module has built-in PA+LNA, and the communication distance can reach 7km under ideal conditions.


E220P-400T22S LLCC68 Wireless Lora Module
E220P-400T22S Built-In Upgraded Hardware
E220P-400T22S Data Stable And Anti-Interference
E220P-400T22S  High Power Long Distance
E220P-400T22S  Support Rssi Reading
E220P-400T22S Support Air Wakeup
E220P-400T22S Support Multiple Wireless Transmission Methods
E220P-400T22S Communication Key Receive The Data
E220P-400T22S Dual Antennas Secondary Development
E220P-400T22S Equipped With High-Quality Components
E220P-400T22S Smart Building Application