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E220-900MM22S Minimum size LLCC68 22dBm lora transmitter receiver module lora module


[Working frequency]:850MHz~930MHz

[Transmit power]:22dBm




[Introduction]:E220-900MM22S is an ultra-small volume independently developed based on a new generation of LoRaTM RF chip LLCC68 produced by Semtech, and is suitable for 868MHz, 915MHz SMD LoRaTM wireless modules, using industrial grade 32MHz crystal oscillator.

Hardware ParametersParameter ValueRemark
Crystal oscillation frequency32MHz


Package  -


Connector stamp hole

Spacing 1.27mm

Communication interfaceSPI


Size10* 10*2.5 mm

With shield

Net weight 0.5g±0.02g

RF interface stamp hole


Main ParameterPerformanceRemark
Operating voltage(V)

≥3.3V can guarantee the output power, more than 3.7V will permanently burn the module

Communication level(V)-3.3-

Risk of burnout with 5V TTL

Operating temperature(°C)-40

Industrial grade design

power consumptionTX current

Instantaneous power consumption

RX current


Sleep current

software shutdown

RF Parameter Parameter Value
Operating frequency 

Support ISM

Transmit power  

The software is adjustable and needs to be developed and set by
the user

Receiving sensitivity-129dBm

BW_L=250kHz,SF = 10,LORATM


Maximum length of single transmission

Modulation mode LoRaLoRa

LoRa modulation is recommended

Blocking power10dBm

The probability of burning at close range is small

Air rate LoRaLoRa(bps)1.76k~62.5k

User programming control

Reference distance5500m

Clear and open  environment, antenna gain 5dBi, antenna height
2.5 meters, air rate 2.4kbps