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E220-400T22D Wireless Module RSSI ISM 433MHz 470MHz 22dBm LoRa Spread Spectrum DIP UART Interface SMA-K Antenna Low Power






[Product weight]:7.5g±0.1g

[Introduction]:E220-400T22D adopts a new generation of LoRa spread spectrum technology and a wireless serial port module (UART) designed based on the LLCC68 chip scheme. It has a variety of transmission methods, works in the(410.125~493.125MHz) frequency band (default 433.125MHz), TTL level output, compatible with 3.3V and 5V IO port voltage

No. Name Direction Function
1 M0 Input(weak pull-up) Work with M1 to decide 4 working modes of module (not suspended, if not used, could be grounded).
2 M1 Input(weak pull-up) Work with M0 to decide 4 working modes of module (not suspended, if not used, could be grounded).
3 RXD Input TTL UART inputs, connects to external TXD output pin.
4 TXD Output TTL UART outputs, connects to external RXD input pin
5 AUX Output Used to indicate the working status of the module; the user wakes up the external MCU, and outputs low level during power-on self-check initialization; (can be left floating)
6 VCC Input Voltage range: 3.0~5.5V DC
7 GND Input Ground
8 Fixed hole - Fixed hole
9 Fixed hole - Fixed hole
10 Fixed hole - Fixed hole