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E220-400MM22S low power consumption 22dBm LLCC68 lora module 433MHz


[Working frequency]:410MHz~493MHz

[Transmit power]:22dBm




[Introduction]:E220-400MM22S is an ultra-small volume independently developed based on a new generation of LoRaTM RF chip LLCC68 produced by Semtech, and is suitable for 433MHz, 470MHz SMD LoRaTM wireless modules, using industrial grade 32MHz crystal oscillator

E220-400MM22S Ultra-small size and high-performance

E220-400MM22S E220 series RF modules

E220-400MM22S Long distance,lower power consumption

E220-400MM22S LoRa spread spectrum technology

E220-400MM22S  Small size easier for integration

E220-400MM22S  Professional RF Shield

E220-400MM22S Low power consumption,high-cost performance

E220-400MM22S  Software multi-level adjustable

E220-400MM22S  Software multi-level adjustable

E220-400MM22S Application scenarios