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Ebyte E220 series module test board USB interface pre welding interface



[Product weight]:126±0.1g


[Introduction]:E220-400M22S is an small module developed independently based on the generation of LoRa TM RF chip LLCC68 produced by Semtech company. LLCC68 is suitable for 433MHz and 470MHz SMD wireless module and uses industrial 32mhz crystal oscillator.

Main parameterPerformance
Operating frequency
410~493MHz    Support ISM band
Tx power22 dBm    -
Receiving sensitivity-129dbm
Air data rate1.76k~62.5kbps    User programming control
Distance for reference5.5km    Test condition:clear and open area, antenna gain: 5dBi,antenna height: 2.5m,air data rate: 2.4kbps

Main parameterPerformance
20* 14*2.8 mm
RF interface
IPEX/stamp hole    -
Communication interfaceSPI
PackageSMD    -

Main parameterMin.Typ.Max.UnitRemark
Operating voltage≥3.3V ensures output power
Communication level-3.3-VFor 5V TTL, it may be at risk of burning down
TX current-100-mAInstantaneous power consumption
RX current-6.5-mA
Sleep current-180-uASoftware shutdown
Operating temperature
+85Industrial design