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Ebyte Ultra Small Volume SMD Lora Wireless Module for long distance wireless communication equipment

[Product weight]:1.5g±0.1g






[Feature]:New generation LoRa modulation technology

[Introduction]:E220-400M22S is an small module developed independently based on the generation of LoRa TM RF chip LLCC68 produced by Semtech company. LLCC68 is suitable for 433MHz and 470MHz SMD wireless module and uses industrial 32mhz crystal oscillator.

RF Parameter Value Remark
Working frequency 410~493 MHz -
Transmitting power 22 dBm Max. Power (160mW)
Receiving sensitivity -147 dBm -
Air data rate 0.018k~300kbps -
Test distance 6500m In open and clear air, with maximum power, 5dBi antenna gain, height of 2m
Hardware Parameter Value Remark
Size 14 * 20 mm
Antenna type IPEX / Stamp hole
Communication interface SPI
Package SMD
Electronic parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition
Power supply 1.8 3.3 3.6 V
Communication level 1.8 3.3 3.6 V
Transmitting current 95 100 105 mA 22dBm(160mW)
Receiving current 6 6.5 7 mA
Sleep current 180 nA
Operating temperature -40 20 +85
Operating humidity 10 60 90 %
Storage temperature -40 20 +125