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E22-900T33S SX1262 900MHz 2W High Power Relay Network LoRa Wireless Module New Generation LoRa Spread Spectrum Technology

[Chip solution]:SX1262

[Transmission power]:33dBm

[Communication distance]:16km

[Product size]:25*40.5mm

[Introduction]:E22-900T33S is a new generation of LoRa wireless module. It is a wireless serial port module (UART) based on SX1262 radio frequency chip. It has multiple transmission methods and works in the 850.125-930.125MHz frequency band. LoRa spread spectrum technology, TTL level output, compatible with 3.3V And the IO port voltage of 5V. The LoRa module adopts a new generation of LoRa spread spectrum technology. Compared with the traditional SX1276 solution, the SX1262 solution has a longer transmission distance, faster speed, lower power consumption, and smaller size; it supports air wake-up, wireless configuration, carrier monitoring, and automatic relay. , communication key and other functions, support subpackage length setting, and can provide customized development services.

E22-900T33S SX1262 RF chip, LoRa Spread Spectrum Technology
E22-900T33S small volume, fast speed

E22-900T33S Low Power Consumption

E22-900T33S Long Distance, Automatic Relay Network

E22-900T33S Communication Key,Listen Before Talk(LBT) Function

E22-900T33S RSSI Signal Strength, Remote Configuration

E22-900T33S 2W High Power Ultra-long Distance Transmission

E22-900T33S 2W High Power Ultra-long Distance Transmission

E22-900T33S Hardware Features, Application Scenario