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Ebyte E22-900T30D Semtech SX1262 UART 10Km Range 868Mhz 915Mhz 30dBm DIP 24*43mm CE RoHs FCC LoRa Wireless Transmitter RF Module







[Introduction]:E22-900T30D is a wireless module (UART) based on SX1262 with multiple transmission modes, working in the 850.125MHz~930.125MHz, (default 868.125MHz). It features LoRa spread spectrum technology, TTL level output,compatible with 3.3V and 5V IO port voltage.

ModuleInterfaceICFrequency(hz)Power(dbm)Distance(km)Air speed(bps)PackageSize(mm)FeatureManualSample
E22-400T33S UART SX1262 430M 470M 33dbm 16km - SMD 25*40.5 -
E22-400T22S UART SX1262 430M 470M 22dbm 7km - SMD 16*26 -
E22-400T33D UART SX1262 410.125~493.125MHz 33dBm 16km 2.4k~62.5k Plug-in 37*60mm New LoRa spread spectrum modulation technology
E22-400T30S UART SX1262 410.125~493.125MHz 30dBm 10km - SMD 25*40.5 -
E22-900T22D - SX1262 850.125~930.125MHz 22dBm 5km - - 21*36mm -
E22-900T30D - SX1262 850.125~930.125MHz 30dBm 10km - - 24*43mm -
E22-230T30D UART SX1262 230M 30 10 0.3~15.6k In-line 24*43 LoRa Auto Relay Remote Configuration
E22-230T22D UART SX1262 230M twenty two 5 0.3~15.6k In-line 21*36 LoRa Auto Relay Remote Configuration
E22-900T30S SX1262 UART 850.125 930.125MHz 30 10 0.3~62.5k SMD 40.5*25 Low consumption, anti-interference
E22-900T22S UART SX1262 850.125MHz 930.125MHz 22 5 0.3~62.5k SMD 16*26 LoRa Automatic relay
E22-230T30S UART SX1262 230M 30 10 0.3~15.6k SMD 40.5*25 Low consumption, anti-interference
E22-230T22S SX1262 UART 230M 22 5 0.3k~62.5 SMD 16*26 Low consumption, anti-interference
E22-900M30S SPI SX1262 868M 915M 30 12 0.018~300k SMD 24*38.5 Low consumption,anti-interference
E22-900M22S SPI SX1262 868M 915M 22 7 0.018~300k SMD 14*20 Low consumption,anti-interference