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Ebyte E22-900T22U SX1262 Long distance 900MHz USB module 22dBm Wireless LoRa spread spectrum module

[Chip solution]:SX1262

[Transmission power]:22dBm

[Communication distance]:5km

[Product size]: 45.3*27.8*11.2mm

[Introduction]:E22-900T22U is a new generation of LoRa wireless spread spectrum module, based on the wireless serial port module designed by SEMTECH company SX1262 chip solution. It has a variety of transmission methods, works at 850.125~930.125MHz (default 868.125MHz), LoRa spread spectrum technology, 5V IO port voltage, and adopts USB standard packaging, which is convenient for users to develop and use. The communication is compatible with E22-230T/400T/900T series products, and supports a baud rate of 1200~115200 bps. Support functions such as wireless configuration, carrier sense, automatic relay, communication key, firmware upgrade, etc., support packet length setting, and provide customized development services.


E22-900T22U SX1262 RF chip LoRa Spread Spectrum Technology

E22-900T22U LoRa Spread Spectrum Technology
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