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E22-900M22S Ebyte TCXO 22dBm 6500m SX1262 900Mhz New LoRa Module SMD Wireless Transceiver Module







[Introduction]:E22-900M22S is the first wireless module in China to adopt Semtech's SX1262, RF chip. Its special LoRaTM modulation method increases the communication distance.

Pin No. Pin Item Pin Direction Pin Application
1 GND - Ground
2 GND - Ground
3 GND - Ground
4 GND - Ground
5 GND - Ground
6 RXEN Input RF switch RX control,connecting external MCU IO, valid in high level
7 TXEN Input RF switch TX control,connecting external MCU IO or DIO2, valid in high level
8 DIO2 Input/Output Configurable IO port(see more in SX126x datasheet)
9 VCC - Power supply, 1.8V~3.7V(external ceramic filter capacitoris recommended)
10 GND - Ground
11 GND - Ground
12 NRST Input Module reset pin, low reset
13 DIO1 Input/Output Configurable IO port(see more in SX126x datasheet)
14 BUSY Output State indicator(see more in SX126x datasheet)
15 NRST Input Chip reset initiation, valid in low level
16 MISO Output SPI master input slave output
17 MOSI Input SPI master output slave input
18 SCK Input SPI clock
19 NSS Input Chip select,for starting a SPI communication
20 GND - Ground
21 ANT - Stamp hole(50 ohm impedance)
22 GND - Ground