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E22-400T33D LoRa solution RF chip Wireless Serial Port Module new generation of LoRa wireless module




[Product weight]:25.9±0.1g


[Introduction]:E22-400T33D is a new generation of LoRa wireless module. It is a wireless serial port module (UART) based on the SEMTECH LoRa solution. It has various transmission methods. Level output, supports 3.3V-5.5V power supply voltage.

Main parameters Min. Typ. Max. Remark
Operating Voltage(V) 3.3 5.0 5.5 ≥4.7V Guaranteed output power
Communication level(V) - 3.3 - There is a risk of burnout when using the 5V level
Operating temperature(℃) -40 - 85 Industrial grade design
Working frequency(MHz) 410.125 - 493.125 Support ISM band
Emission current(mA) 850 1000 1200 Instantaneous power consumption@33dBm
Receive current(mA) 11 13 15 -
Sleep current(uA) - 2 - software shutdown
Maximum transmit power(dBm) 32 33 34 -
Receive sensitivity(dBm) -126 -128 -130 Air rate 2.4 kbps
Air rate(bps) 2.4k 2.4k 62.5k User programming control
Working parameters Performance Remark
reference distance 16km Clear and open, antenna gain 5dBi, antenna height 2.5 meters
Launch length 240 Byte It can be sent in packets of 32/64/128/240 bytes by setting the instruction
Cache capacity 1000 Byte -
Modulation LoRa A new generation of LoRa modulation technology
Communication Interface UART serial port TTL level
Packaging method Plugin -
Interface Plug-in pin header Spacing 2.54mm
Dimensions 37*60*7.6mm Tolerance ±0.1mm (excluding pin header height)
RF interface SMA Equivalent impedance is about 50Ω