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EBYTE E22-400M33S 433/470MHz 33dBm SX1268 chip wireless module 16km long range rf wireless transceiver module

[Chip solution]:SX1268

[Carrier frequency]:410~493MHz


[Communication interface]:SPI

[Communication distance]:16km

[Product size]:24*38.5mm

[Product weight]:4.9±0.1g

[Introduction]:E22-400M33S is based on the new generation of LoRaTM RF chip SX1268 produced by Semtech in the United States as the core of independent research and development of the maximum power of 2W and suitable for 433/470MHz SMD LoRaTM wireless module, using industrial-grade high-precision 32MHz crystal oscillator.

E22-400M33S SX1268RF Transceiver Module,High Efficiency,Active Temperature Complementary Crystal Oscillator