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Ebyte OEM ODM E22-230T30E sx1262 30dm 10km 220.125-236.125MHz PCI-e interface Lora wireless module

[Chip solution]:SX1262

[Carrier frequency]:220.125~236.125 MHz

[Transmission power]:30dBm

[Communication distance]:10km

[Introduction]:E22-230T30E is a new generation of LoRa wireless spread spectrum module, a wireless serial port module designed based on SEMTECH's SX1262 chip solution. It has a variety of transmission methods, works in the 220.125-236.125MHz frequency band, is compatible with 3.3V and 5V IO port voltages, adopts MINI PCI-e standard packaging, and has UART, RS485, RS232, and USB communication interface options, which is convenient for users to develop and use. Using a new generation of LoRa spread spectrum technology, this solution has a longer transmission distance and faster speed; supports air wake-up, wireless configuration, carrier monitoring, automatic relay, communication key and other functions, supports packet length setting, and can provide customized development Serve.

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