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E21-900G30S Built in LNA low noise amplifier

[Interface]:Stamp hole





[Product weight]:3.4±0.1g

[Introduction]:E21-900G30S is a pure hardware RF mid-power amplifier (PA) launched by Chengdu Ebyte Company, with a maximum output power of 1W, covering a frequency range of 850 ~ 931MHz. The module has a built-in LNA low-noise amplifier, which greatly improves wireless communication. Communication distance.

Limit parameters Min. Max. Remark
Power supply voltage (V) 4.5 5.5 Over 6V will permanently burn the module
Blocking power (dBm) - 18 It is less likely to burn when used at close range
Working temperature (℃) -40 +85 Industrial grade
Working parameters Min. Typ. Max. Remark
Working voltage (V) 4.75 5 5.25 ≥4.75V can guarantee output power
Control level (V) 3.0 3.3 5.25 Recommend to use 3.3V
Working temperature (℃) -40 25 +85 Industrial design
Working frequency (MHz) 850 - 931 ISM frequency band
Emission current (mA) 600 620 660 Instantaneous power consumption 30dBm
Receiving current (mA) 6.5 8 - -100dBm input current 8mA
Sleep current (μA) - 3.0 - T/RX_EN = 0
Maximum transmit power (dBm) 29.5 30 30.5 Input power = 20dBm
Receiving gain (dBm) 10 12 14 -100dBm input
Transmitting gain (dBm) - 12 - +20dBm
Working parameters Describe Remark
Reference distance 5000m Clear and open environment, antenna gain 5dBi, antenna height 2 meters, air rate 2.4kbps GFSK
Encapsulation method SMD -
Interface method 2.0mm Stamp hole
Dimensions 27.5*18mm -
RF input and output interface Stamp hole Equivalent impedance is about 50Ω