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E180-ZG120B Small Size Multifunctional Zigbee Wireless Amplifier Module Zigbee 3.0 for Smart Home ETC







[Introduction]:E180-ZG120B is a small, low-power, high-reliability, 2.4GHz ZIGBEE module based on Silicon Labs EFR32MG1B. The chip comes with high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex. -M4 core, integrated internal power amplifier, transmit power up to 20dBm.

Pin No. Pin item Pindirection Application
1 ANT Input /Output Externally connected with stamp hole
2 GND - Ground, connecting to power source referential ground
3 PD13 Input TOUCHLINK pin to be continuously pulled lower than 3000ms and it will initiate a ZLL network or join request
4 PD14 Input       The WAKE pin is mainly used to wake up the sleeping terminal. It is high level when power is on. When the pin is pulled low externally, the sleeping terminal device will be woken up.
5 PA0(TX) Output UART TX pin
6 PA1(RX) Input UART RX pin
7 NC - -
8 NC - -
9 PD15 Input Working mode switching pin. When the pull-down time is longer than 500ms,the working mode is switched.
10 PB11 Input The UART_BAUD_RESET pin is used to reset the device baud rate. The power-on default is high. In any mode, if this pin is pulled lower for more than 1000ms, the serial port parameters of the module will be restored to the default 115200.
11 PB12 Output The ACK pin is used to indicate the last user data transmission status. This pin is pulled low before the transmission is started, and the pin is pulled high after the transmission is successful.
12 PB13(GPIO0) Input /Output GPIO input/output port 0
13 VCC - -
14 GND - -
15 NC - -
16 NC - -
17 NC - -
18 PC10 Output       AUX pin indicates the current working state of the device. When the pin is low,
19 PF2(GPIO2) Input /Output GPIO input/output port 2
20 NC - -
21 PC11(ADC1) Input ADC Detection port 1
22 NC - -
23 NC - -
24 NC - -
25 SWCLK Input /Output       DBG_SWCLKTCK
26 SWDIO Input /Output       DBG_SWDIOTMS
27 PB14(PWM0) Output PWM output port 0
28 PB15(PWM2) Output PWM output port 2
29 NC Output LINK pin shows current network state, high level means access to network
30 PF3 Output -
31 NC - -
32 NC - -
33 NC - -
34 NC - -
35 NC - -
36 GND Input /Output Ground
37 nRESET Input Reset