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E180-ZG120A Zigbee 3.0 Brand New Smart Home Solutions Iot Zigbee Mesh Network Relay Module Price of Zigbee Module





[Size]:17.5 * 28.7 mm


[Introduction]:A small, low-power, high-reliability, 2.4GHz ZIGBEE module based on Silicon Labs EFR32MG1B,which are designed and produced by Chengdu Ebyte. The chip comes with high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex. -M4 core, integrated internal power amplifier, transmit power up to 20dBm.

ModuleInterfaceICFrequencyHzPowerdBmDistancekmAir RatebpsPackingSizemmFeatureManualSample
E180-2G4Z20SX UART - 2.4G 20 0.5 250k patch 13.5*19.3*2.2m Compatible with ZigBee3.0 series modules
E180-ZG120A I/O EFR32 2.4G 20 1.0 250k SMD 17.5 * 28.7 ZigBee3.0
E180-ZG120B 1.27mm Stamp hole EFR32 2.4G 18~20 1.3 250k SMD 11.5*18 ZigBee3.0