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E180-ZG120A Zigbee 3.0 Brand New Smart Home Solutions Iot Zigbee Mesh Network Relay Module Price of Zigbee Module





[Size]:17.5 * 28.7 mm


[Introduction]:A small, low-power, high-reliability, 2.4GHz ZIGBEE module based on Silicon Labs EFR32MG1B,which are designed and produced by Chengdu Ebyte. The chip comes with high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex. -M4 core, integrated internal power amplifier, transmit power up to 20dBm.

Main parameterValueRemark

Support ISM band

Max Tx power(dBm)20 dBm

RF transmitting power up to 20dbm

Air data rate(bps)250kbps

Air data rate is 250kbps

Distance for reference1000m

Between two points (ZigBee network supports routing multi hop function, and the transmission distance can be extended by increasing the router).

Hardware ParameterValueRemark
Size17.5 * 28.7 mm



50 ohm impedance



Electronic parameterMin.Typ.Max.UnitRemark
Operating voltage(V)1.953.33.7V≥3.3 V ensures output power
Communication level(V)-3.3-VFor 5V TTL, it may be at risk of burning down
TX current(mA)-
135-mAInstant power consumption
RX current(mA)-11.6-mA
Sleep current (μA)-2.5-μAInstant power consumption
Working temperature(℃)
+85Industrial grade