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E180-DTU(ZG120-232) Security high stable zigbee 3.0 network radio station RS232 wireless transmitter and receiver zigbee gateway


[Feature]:ZigBee ad hoc network


[Introduction]:E180-DTU (ZG120-232) is a wireless communication device based on ZigBee technology. As a communication medium, like optical fiber, microwave, and cable, it has a certain scope of application, it provides real-time and reliable data transmission of monitoring signals in a private network under certain special conditions.It has low cost, convenient installation and maintenance, features of strong diffraction ability, flexible network structure, and long coverage range.

No. Item Function Description
1 VCC Crimped power connector, positive DC 8 ~ 28V, 12V or 24V is recommended
2 GND Crimped power connector, negative The negative of the power supply is connected to the system ground and the case
3 AGND Public ground interface It can be connected to external grounding terminal or not handled
4 RS232-TXD Serial terminal Output, connected to RXD of other RS232 device
5 RS232-RXD Serial terminal Input, connected to TXD of other RS232 device
6 PWR-LED Power Indicator Red, always on when power is on
7 TXD-LED Send indicator Yellow, blinking when sending data
8 RXD-LED Receive indicator Yellow, blinking when receiving data
9 LINK-LED Connection indicator Red, always on when connected to the network, off when not connected
10 RUN-LED Device working status indicator Red, the device is busy when the light is off, and the device is idle when the light is on
11 Baud rate reset switch Tact Switch Long press for more than 1s to reset the baud rate (115200)
12 Antenna interface SMA-K interface Externally threaded female hole, 10mm long, characteristic impedance 50Ω