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E180-DTU(Z20-485) zigbee3.0 wireless data transmission station

[Interface type]:RS485

[Product net quantity]:68*66*21mm

[Technical features]:ZigBee3.0 communication standard

[Product weight]:64g±5g

[Introduction]:E180-DTU (Z20-485) is a wireless data transmission station based on ZigBee3.0 technology, with multiple functions such as transparent transmission and protocol transmission. As a communication medium, wireless data transmission station has a certain scope of application like optical fiber, microwave, and open wire: the station provides real-time and reliable data transmission of monitoring signals in the private network under certain special conditions, zigbee3.0 digital transmission station It has the characteristics of low cost, convenient installation and maintenance, strong diffraction ability, flexible network structure, and long coverage. It is suitable for occasions with many and scattered points and complex geographical environments. Terminals are connected.

ZigBee wireless data transmission station

Industrial standard design, E18-DTU(Z20-485) / E18-DTU(Z20-485)

New ZigBee3.0 communication standard

ZigBee3.0 security communication standard

Supports various network topologies

Conform to ZigBee3.0 standard, Compatible with ZHA, ZLL other network protocols

Freely configurable type

Network self-healing function

Large-capacity data transfer is faster

More practical functions

Application Scenario

ZIGBEE 3.0 Patent Invention Certificate