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E18-MS1-PCB Ebyte ZigBee RF Module CC2530 Smart home Antomation Network OEM E18-MS1-PCB IOT Solution







[Introduction]:E18-MS1-PCB is based on original imported RF chip CC2530 form TI in American. The IC chip is integrated with 8051 microcontroller and wireless transceiver inside, which is applicable to Zigbee design and 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 protocol. All the IO ports are led out by the module, which means that multi-aspect development is realizable.

ModuleInterfaceICFrequencyHzPowerdBmDistancekmAir RatebpsPackingSizemmFeatureManualSample
E18-2G4Z27SI IO CC2530 2.4G 27 2.5 250k SMD 16*22.5 Zigbee
E18-MS1PA2-IPX UART I/O CC2530 2.4G 20 1.2 - SMD 16 * 22.5 ZigBee Ad Hoc Network Module
E18-MS1PA2-PCB UART I/O CC2530 2.4G 20 0.8 - SMD 16 * 27 ZigBee ad hoc network module
E18-MS1-IPX IO CC2530 2.4G 4 0.24 250k SMD 14.1*20.8 Zigbee, with shield
E18-MS1-PCB UART/IO CC2530 2.4G 4 0.2 250k SMD 14.1*23 Zigbee, with shield
E18-2G4Z27SP I/O CC2530 2.4G 27 0.8 - SMD 16*27 ZigBee