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E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) high-power ZigBee gateway with complete supporting ZigBee node equipment ,support TCP/UDP/HTTP/MQTT

[Interface signal]:Ethernet

[Transmission method]: Ethernet

[Working voltage]: 8 ~ 28V DC

[Product size]:84*82*25mm

[Net product weight]:118g ± 2g

[Introduction]:E18-DTU (Z27-ETH) is a high-power ZigBee gateway with complete supporting ZigBee node equipment, supports adaptive network speed (up to 10M full duplex), and provides TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client , HTTP Client, MQTT Client six working modes, users can configure related configurations through WEB pages. There are 3 logical device types in a ZigBee network: coordinator, router, and terminal device. ZigBee network consists of a coordinator and multiple routers or multiple terminals.

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) High Power ZigBee Gateway

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) new ZigBee3.0 communication standard

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH)  Integrated ZigBee3.0 security communication standard

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) ZigBee3.0 DTU function comparison

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) Supports various network topologies, Industrial standard design

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH)  provides four communication, mechanisms of TCP and UDP

 E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) Simple Protocol Conversion Mode, Multi-host gateway mode

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) Storage gateway mode, Configurable gateway mode

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) Various Ethernet parameter, configuration methods

 E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) Support MQTT/HTTP /Virtual serial port software server

 E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) Support remote upgrade function

 E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) Application Scenario

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) Appearance

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH)  Dimensions

E18-DTU(Z27-ETH) Patent Invention Certificate