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RF chip nRF24LU1 With USB interface,lead-free process






[Introduction]:E11-MLU1PA is based on original imported RF chip nRF24LU1 form Nordic in Norway. With USB interface,lead-free process, power amplifier chip imported from American, embedded 51 MCU.E11-MLU1 is suitable for all kinds of USB development,can be compatible with E01(nRF24L01+) and E05(nRF24LE1).
Tips: This product has been removed from shelves, and mass production can be initiated.

Pin No Pin item Pin direction Pin application
1 GND - Ground
2 CSN P0.3 Input Input/Output Chip select MCU GPIO
3 MISO P0.2 TXD Output Input/Output Output SPI output MCU GPIO UART output
4 MOSI P0.1 RXD Input Input/Output Input SPI input MCU GPIO UART input
5 SCK P0.0 Input Input/Output SPI clock MCU GPIO
6 PROG Input Program enable(floating)
7 VBUS - Power supply +5V