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E108-GN02 GPS Satellite Positioning Navigation Module I2C GPIO GPS Wireless Module for Car Navigation Smart Wear Drone UAV

[Protocol]:Support NMEA0183 v4.1 and earlier versions, the maximum fixed update frequency can reach 10Hz


[Package]:Half hole (SMT surface mount)

[Product weight]:0.5±0.1g

[Introduction]:E108-GN02 is a multi-mode satellite positioning and navigation module with high performance, high integration, low power consumption and low cost, which can be used in GNSS positioning applications such as vehicle navigation, intelligent wear, UAV, etc.

ModemInterface SignalTransmission MethodATTCP/UDPInterface MethodSizemmFeatureManualSample
E108-GN01 UART(TXD/RXD)or GPIO - - - - 16*12*2.4 Multi-mode satellite positioning module
E108-D01 RS-485 - - - - 96.5*50*31.4 Multi-system joint positioning that can be combined in any way
E108-GN02 UART(TXD/RXD)or GPIO - - - - 10.1*9.7*2.4 Multi-mode satellite positioning, Low power consumption
E108-GN02D UART(TXD/RXD) - - - - 22*20*5.8 Multi - Mode satellite positioning,low-power