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Ebyte lorawan gateway module sx1301 internet of things lora sx1301 868mhz wireless transmitter receiver module





[Introduction]:E106-868G27P comprises complete and cost efficient LoRaWan gateway module in the industry standard PCI Express Mini Card form factor, which enables an easy integration into an application board and it is also ideal for manufacturing of small series.

ModuleInterfaceICFrequency(hz)Power(dbm)Distance(km)Air speed(bps)PackageSize(mm)FeatureManualSample
E106-915G27P PCI-e CC1301 915M 27 5 - SMD 30 * 50.95 LoRaWan
E106-868G27P PCI-e CC1301 868M 27 5 - SMD 30 * 50.95 LoRaWan
E106-470G27P PCI-e CC1301 470M 27 5 - SMD 30 * 50.95 LoRaWan