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LoRa chip SX1302 PA LNA LoRa LoRaWAN gateway module RF with mini PCI-e interface




[Communication Interface]:PCI-e

[Introduction]:E106-470G27P2 module is a LoRa gateway RF module designed based on the SX1302 chip. It adopts the standard Mini PCI-e package, SPI interface, the module has built-in PA and LNA, and the half-duplex design is convenient for users to quickly develop LoRa gateway equipment.

ModuleInterfaceICFrequency(hz)Power(dbm)Distance(km)Air speed(bps)PackageSize(mm)FeatureManualSample
E106-433G27P2 PCI-e SX1302 433M 27 - - patch 30*50.95 LoRa Gateway RF Module
E106-915G27P2 PCI-e SX1302 915M 27 5 - SMD 30 * 50.95 LoRaWan
E106-868G27P2 PCI-e SX1302 868M 27 5 - SMD 30 * 50.95 LoRaWan
E106-470G27P2 PCI-e CC1302 470M 27 - - SMD 30 * 50.95 LoRa Gateway