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E104-BT53A3 Ebyte EFR32BG22 Small SMD BT5.2 2402~2480MHz 120m High-precision Stable Wireless Bluetooth Module






[Feature]:Low power,BT5.2

[Product weight]:0.8g±0.1g

[Introduction]:E104-BT53A3 is a small-sized SMD Bluetooth BT5.2 module based on Silicon Labs' original IC EFR32BG22; it uses 38.4MHz industrial-grade high-precision low-temperature drift crystal oscillator to ensure its industrial-grade function and stable performance.

E104-BT53A3 EFR32BG22 Chip solution BT5.2 Bluetooth module

E104-BT53A3 Support BLE single master role, single slave role

Extended Broadcast Packet Multiplexing

LE power control function

Observer pattern,slave devices through AT commands

New features of Bluetooth 5.2 (LE power control)

Original SILICON chip

Global license-free ISM 2.4GHz band

High-speed transparent transmission

Low power mode for longer use