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E104-BT53A1 Ebyte SMD bluetooth BT5.2 module Silicon Labs' original IC EFR32BG22 bluetooth 2.4g GFSK wireless module






[Feature]:Low power,BT5.2

[Product weight]:0.8±0.1g

[Introduction]:E104-BT53A1 is a small-sized SMD Bluetooth BT5.2 module based on Silicon Labs' original IC EFR32BG22; it uses 38.4MHz industrial-grade high-precision low-temperature drift crystal oscillator to ensure its industrial-grade function and stable performance.

E104-BT53A1 EFR32 Chip solution BT5.2 Bluetooth module

E104-BT53A1 Support BLE single master role, single slave role

E104-BT53A1 Support 2Mbps high-speed mode, large broadcast packets

E104-BT53A1 Extended Broadcast Packet Multiplexing

E104-BT53A1 LE power control function

E104-BT53A1 Observer pattern, slave devices through AT commands

E104-BT53A1 New features of Bluetooth 5.2 (LE power control)

E104-BT53A1 Original SILICON chip

E104-BT53A1 Global license-free ISM 2.4GHz band

E104-BT53A1 Modifiable UUID AT Command

E104-BT53A1 Support Pin To Pin replacement

E104-BT53A1 High-speed transparent transmission

E104-BT53A1 Low power mode for longer use