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E104-BT52 DA14531 ble5.0 2.4GHz ISM bluetooth to UART Module Low Power CDSENET







[Introduction]:E104-BT52 is a serial to ble bluetooth master-slave integrated module based on ble 5.0. It is small in size and low in power consumption, working at 2.4GHz. E104-BT52 is developed by Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. based on the dialog DA14531 chip.

No. Item Direction Function Remark
1 GND Input Ground -
2 VL- - Low voltage powersupply -
3 VCC Input VCC Short-circuiting to pin 4 “VH+”
4 VH+   Input VH+ Short-circuiting to pin 3“VCC”
5 GND Input Ground -
6 GND Input Ground -
7 RST Input Reset pin Reset in low level(take effective in 500ms)
8 DIO 1   Input SWDIO SWDIO,JTAG interface
9 NC   - NC -
10 CLK Input SWCLK SWCLK,JTAG interface
11 NC - NC -
12 GND Input Ground Ground
13 WKP Input Wake up pin Wake up:falling edge;Sleep:rising edge
14 TXD Output UART UART output
15 RXD Input UART UART Input
16 LINK Output Link status  Linked:high level Not linked:low level
17 DATA Output Data Data indication pinNote:Receive Bluetooth data:When the DATA pin has Bluetooth data in the air to send outthrough the TXD pin of BT52, the pin will be pulled high. After aframe of data is sent, the pin will be pulled low again.Send Bluetooth data:After the DATA pin receives the data on the RXD pin of BT52,the buffer BUFF size is 1024bytes. As long as there is data in the BUFFthat has not been sent out via Bluetooth, the DATA will be pulledhigh. It will be pulled low again until the data transmission in theBUFF is completed. The user can use the above description to dodata framing.
18 GND Input Ground Ground