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Ble tooth wireless
Ble tooth wireless

E104-BT5032U Ebyte OEM ODM ble 4.2 5.0 nRF52832 USB interface bletooth wireless packet capture tool



[Type]:Bluetooth 4.2/5.0


[Product weight]:8.7g±0.1g


[Introduction]:E104-BT5032U is a small USB interface bluetooth wireless packet capture tool produced by Ebyte, with a high-performance PCB on-board antenna and bluetooth low energy (ble) SOC scheme,adopts Nordic's original imported nRF52832 RF chip, which supports bluetooth 4.2 and bluetooth 5.0; the chip comes,with a high-performance ARM CORTEX-M4 core, using 32M+32.768kHz industrial grade crystal oscillator, and has AART, I2C,SPI, ADC, DMA, PWM and other rich peripheral resources.