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E104-BT5005A Certified BLE 5.0 Bluetooth Module Manufacturers with OEM Service ibeacon Bluetooth Module Nordic nRF52805





[Product weight]:0.35g

[Introduction]:[Introduction]:E104-BT5005A is a serial to BLE Bluetooth master-slave integrated module based on Bluetooth protocol version 5.0. It is small in size and low in power consumption. It works in the 2.4GHz frequency band.

No. Pin item Direction Function Application
1 SWDIO -- -- --
2 SWCLK -- -- --
3 P0.21/RST Input Power reset Active low
4 VCC -- -- The power supply is positive, the recommended power supply voltage>=3.3V
5 GND -- -- Power ground
6 DISC(P0.12) Input Disconnect pin Internal pull up. Active on falling edge
7 WKP(P0.05) Input Wake-up pin Wake up: falling edge;Sleep: rising edge
8 P0.00 Input/Output -- General GPIO
9 MOD(P0.04) Input Mode selection Low level: configuration mode; High level: transparent transmission mode.
10 P0.01 Input/Output -- General GPIO
11 RXD(P0.20) Input UART RX pin --
12 TXD(P0.14) Output UART TX pin --
13 LINK (P0.16) Output Connection Status Bluetooth connectivity:Low level Bluetooth is not connected:High level
14 GND -- -- Grand
15 DATA (P0.18) Output Data indication Data indication pin, when the module outputs data through the serial port, the module sets the DATA pin to low level, indicating that data is being sent. AT command response does not change the DATA pin state.