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E104-BT30 Audio bluetooth Module CSRA64215 ble V4.2 EDR PCB CSR 9dBm 4M Flash SMD Receiver







[Introduction]:E104-BT30 is a multifunctional and cost-effective module developed by our company for audio bluetooth transmission. The main control uses the CSRA64215 chip of CSR to provide the module with high-quality sound and compatibility. The bluetooth module uses a driver-free method.

Electronic parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition
Operating voltage 1.9 3.3 3.6 V ≥3.3V can guarantee output power
Communication level 1.8 3.3 3.6 V Level is determined by VDD-PADS-1 level and VDD-PADS-2 level
Operating temperature -40 20 +85 Industrial design
Operating frequency 2402 - 2480 MHz Support Bluetooth protocol standard frequency band
Not connected current 0.5 - 8 mA Bluetooth is discoverable
Connected unplayedcurrent 10 - 14 mA Bluetooth is connected but no music is playing
Audio output statuscurrent 15 - 18 mA Bluetooth is connected and playing music
Max Tx power - 9 9 dBm -
Receiving sensitivity - -90.5 -92.0 dBm BDR
Main parameter Description Remark
Distance for reference 50m Clear and open area, antenna height: 2.5m, indoor communication ≥10m
Crystal frequency 26MHz -
On-board Flash 4M -
Package SMD -
Connector 1.1mm Refer to size drawings and PCB package library for details
Size 16*25mm Refer to size drawings for details
Antenna PCB 50 ohm impedance