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E104-BT12LSP TLSR8258 Bluetooth Mesh Ad Hoc Network Module

[Working frequency]: 2400~2483.5MHz

[Modulation method]:GFSK

[Communication distance]:60m

[Product size]:19*13mm

[Maximum transmit power]:10dBm

[Product weight]:0.9g±0.1g

[Introduction]:The E104-BT12SP Bluetooth mesh ad hoc network module supports the sig mesh V1.0 standard, and a single network can accommodate up to 16383 node devices in theory. After the device is connected to the network, the network information is automatically memorized, and the network connection time is completed within 1 second. The mobile APP can act as an agent for any node to access the network to realize remote control of the mesh network. It is convenient to implement in-network broadcast or transparent transmission of arbitrary fixed-point data, and the maximum support for a single packet of transparent transmission data is 60 bytes. It is very suitable for Internet of Things information collection, large-scale networking communication scenarios, smart home and other applications.

E104-BT12LSP TLSR8253F512 UART SMD SIG Mesh networking module

E104-BT12LSP New Bluetooth SigMesh technology Support device many-to-many transmission

E104-BT12LSP Mesh Ad Hoc Network VS Traditional Wireless Network

E104-BT12LSP Mesh ad hoc Bluetooth module

E104-BT12LSP Support Tmall Genie control

E104-BT12LSP Realize a more convenient and easy-to-use light control system

E104-BT12LSP Ultra-small size suitable for more applications

E104-BT12LSP Smart home system Carry out many-to-many communication


E104-BT12LSP Suitable for many-to-many applications