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E103-W20(7628) MT7628AN chip solution Open Wrt operating system and custom development patch type small size serial port to WiFi wireless routing module

[Chip solution]:MT7628AN

[WiFi protocol]:IEEE802.11b/g/n

[Transmission power]:20~24dBm

[MCU main frequency]:580MHz

[Communication distance]: 200m

[Product size]:34.1*18.7*2.77mm/36.1*18.7*2.7mm

[Product weight]:3.5g±0.1g

[Introduction]:The E103-W20 (7628) module is a low-cost and low-power IoT module based on MediaTek MT7688AN and MT7628AN. This module leads to all interfaces of MT7688AN/MT7628AN, supports OpenWrt operating system and custom development, has rich interfaces and powerful processors, can be widely used in smart devices or cloud service applications, etc., and can be freely used for secondary development .

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