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E103-W10 ESP8285N08 Serial UART to WIFI Module 2.4GHz WI-FI Converter Module Wireless Support TCP/IP HTTP MQTT AT Command




[WiFi version]:802.11b/g/n


[Product weight]:0.9g±0.1g

[Introduction]:E103-W10 is an ultra-cost-effective 100mW serial-to-Wi-Fi module with a small package of patches that work in the 2.4 to 2.4835GHz band. The module can use serial port for data sending and receiving, reducing the threshold for wireless applications.

Pin Definition
Pin No. Item Direction Description
2 IO2 Input/Output GPIO2; Can be used as UART1_TX when flashing
3 IO0 Input/Output GPIO0;SPI_CS2
4 IO4 Input/Output GPIO4
5 IO5 Input/Output GPIO5
6 RXD0 Input/Output GPIO3;Can be used as UART1_TX when flashing
7 TXD0 Input/Output GPIO1; SPI_CS1;Can be used as UART1_TX when flashing
8 RST Input External reset signal (low level valid), reset module; The pull-up resistor is connected to the inside of the module
9 IO16 Input/Output GPIO16; Deep sleep wake-up
10 ADC Input TOUT;ADC port (Note: ADC port port inside the chip) can be used to detect the input in voltage of the VDD3P3 (Pin3, Pin4) supply voltage and the TOUT (Pin6) (both of which cannot be used at the same time)
11 EN Input Chip enables end, high level: effective, chip works properly;Low level: Chip closed , small current., and the pull-up resistor is connected inside the module
12 IO14 Input/Output GPIO14; HSPI_CLK
13 IO12 Input/Output GPIO12;HSPI_MISO
14 IO13 Input/Output GPIO13; HSPI_MOSI; UART0_CTS
15 IO15 Input/Output GPIO15; HSPI_CS;UART0_RTS; Resistance is connected to ground in the inside of the module
16 VCC - Module power:2.7~3.3V