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E103-W05B Ebyte UART Serial Port to Wi-fi Module W600 20dBm Small Size Wireless Transceiver WIFI Module Compatible with esp8266





[Size]:17*16*2.5mm (±0.2)


[Introduction]:E103-W05B is a SMD module under the E103-W05 series (for the convenience of the following description, collectively referred to as E103-W05 or W05 below), this module product is a low-cost, cost-effective 100mW (20dBm) wifi digital transmission Module, small in size.

Main ParametersPerformanceRemarks
Power supply voltage (V)3.03.6Over 3.6V will permanently burn the module
Blocking power (dBm)-20It is less likely to burn when used at close range
Working temperature (℃)-40+85Industrial grade

Main ParametersPerformanceRemarks
Operating voltage(V)≥3.3V can guarantee output power
Communication level(V)-3.33.6It is recommended that the differencebetween the supply voltage and the supplyvoltage is less than 0.3V to reduce powerconsumption
Operating temperature(℃)-40-+85Industrial design
Operating frequency(MHz)2400-2484802.11 b/g/n
Emission current (mA)-230-Instantaneous power consumption
Receiving current (mA)  -95--
Sleep current(μA)-5.0--
Maximum transmit power (dBm)  --20.00802.11 b channel 11
Receiving sensitivity (dBm)-  -89-OFDM, 6 Mbps
Network (bps)  1.0M-54.0M802.11 b/g/n
Serial port (bps)  600-2.0Mprogrammable customiUser zation

Main parameterDescriptionRemarks
Reference distance  400mClear and open, external antenna, antenna gain 5dBi, omnidirectionalantenna; height 2.5 meters
Operating frequency  80MHz  -
PackageStamp hole-
Communication InterfaceSerial port600bps~2Mbps
Dimensions17*16*2.5mm(±0.2)PCB onboard antenna + Stamp hole
RF interfaceIPEXExternal antenna