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E103-W05A Ebyte Cost Price WI-FI Digital Wireless Module Esp esp8266 W600 20dBm 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Module Support AT Command







[Introduction]:E103-W05A is a low-cost, cost-effective 100mW (20dBm) wifi data transmission module, the module is small in size, onboard PCB antenna, working in 2.4~2.483GHz band, low power consumption, fast data transmission, the module can use serial port for data transceiver and AT command related parameter Settings, secondly.

Main parameters Min. Max. Remark
Power supply voltage (V) 3.0 3.6 Over 3.6V will permanently burn the module
Blocking power (dBm) - 20 It is less likely to burn when used at close range
Working temperature (℃) -40 +85 Industrial grade
Main parameter Min. Typ. Max. Remark
Operating voltage(V) 3.0 3.3 3.6 ≥3.3V can guarantee output power
Communication level (V) - 3.3 3.6 It is recommended that the difference between the supply voltage and the supply voltage is less than 0.3V to reduce power consumption
Operating temperature (℃) -40 - +85 Industrial design
Operating frequency(MHz) 2400 - 2484 802.11 b/g/n
Emission current (mA) - 230 - Instantaneous power consumption
Receiving current (mA) - 95 - -
Sleep current (μA) - 5.0 - -
Maximum transmit power (dBm) - - 20.00 802.11 b Faith 11
Receiving sensitivity (dBm) - -89 - OFDM, 6 Mbps
Network (bps) 1.0M - 54.0M 802.11 b/g/n
Serial port (bps) 600 - 2.0M User programmable customization
Main parameter Description Remark
Reference distance 130M Clear and open, 2.5 meters high
Operating frequency 80MHz -
Package DIP -
Communication Interface Serial port 600bps~2.0Mbps
Dimensions 24.7*14.4*11.2mm(±0.2mm) PCB onboard antenna + DIP
RF interface PCB The default PCB antenna, the equivalent impedance is about 50Ω
Weight 1.20±0.1 Unit:g